Homework, Sports, and Back Pain? What Parents Need to Know

Posted on 5.1.13 by developers
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It’s officially back to school and you know what that means – homework, sports… and back pain?  The new school year brings a whole new slew of problems facing students.  Before you just jump to the medicine cabinet, it is important to understand the possible different sources of pain and what they might mean.


Heavy backpacks on young, growing bodies can cause poor posture, muscle spasms, as well as shoulder, neck, and back pain.  Besides buying backpacks that are properly sized and feature padded shoulder straps, it is important to make sure children carry no more then three normal sized books in their backpacks.  If your child is still feeling pain after reducing the strain on their bodies, you should seek medical attention.


Regardless of whether it’s a high impact or low impact sport, all athletes are still subject to pain and injuries.  While athletes may take precautions warming up, stretching, and staying hydrated, problems may still be inevitable.  Different pains can arise throughout the body causing discomfort but it is important to know what kinds of pains will work themselves out and what signal medical help.

Usually, pains in the back, shoulders, and knees and cramps in the muscles will ease or be gone within a day and leave little to worry about.  What can be a cause for concern are pains that don’t diminish and start to inhibit normal daily routines or worsen with training.  This lingering pain can’t be cured with over the counter pain relievers and can signal more serious problems.  It is important not to ignore these signs and to have them assessed by a medical professional who can help formulate the best form of treatment to get you back in the game in no time.


About Dr. Scott Gottlieb:

Dr. Scott Gottlieb is a pain management expert and the founder of Gramercy Pain Management.  He is the director of Pain Management at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary (NYEE) and has treated over 3,000 patients. Dr. Gottlieb is board certified in both pain management and anesthesiology. He has offices in both Manhattan and Montebello, N.Y. in Rockland County.