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No matter what service is right for your spinal pain or other condition, you can expect exceptional, highly-personalized care that puts your health and wellness first every step of the way.

Medical and Interventional Pain Management

Interventional Pain Management is a multidisciplinary approach that utilizes pain blocking techniques to reduce the pain that patients experience in their daily activities, and effectively restore quality of life. The treatment process is typically pursued when pain is severe enough to make everyday tasks difficult and a joyful life unattainable, and may include surgery, electrostimulation, nerve blocks, or implantable drug delivery systems.

Alternative and Complementary Medicine (Medical Marijuana Program)

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is the term for medical products and practices that are utilized to complement traditional medical care. They offer a proactive, modern approach to health focused on the best traditional and holistic methods for your customized treatments. Our medical marijuana program provides a natural way to relieve pain without the side effects of some other pain medications.

Concierge Pain Medicine (patient access directly to doctors)

Concierge Pain Medicine offers the benefits of enhanced, individually-tailored medical care that fits your schedule and lifestyle. With direct 24/7 access to your physician, this model allows patients to pursue other treatments and procedures such as acupuncture, prolotherapy, regenerative medicine, and more.

Preoperative Pain Assessment for High Risk Surgeries

Preoperative Pain Assessment allows for elevated individualization of treatment based on both physiological and psychosocial aspects of surgery. The process involves identifying how a patient’s psychological strengths can be used to enhance the effectiveness of spinal surgery, as well as assessing a patient’s knowledge about their condition, defining patient expectations, encouraging patient engagement, and understanding the psychosocial risk factors that may impact surgical results.

Rehab (Wellness, Conditioning and Recovery)

Rehab is a vital step of the healing process after a spinal trauma or other injury to help patients manage their pain and improve their long-term outcomes. Based on a multi-approach evaluation, patients undergo a personalized program of physical exercises, modalities, and stretching to learn how to control pain and safely strengthen and protect the affected area to help prevent future injuries.

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